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When to choose a free-standing grease separator?

Catering and accommodation establishments, such as hotels, restaurants, and campsites, use a lot of fats, oils, and grease for food production. Therefore, the application of a grease separator is important to protect the sewage pipes from clogging. A free-standing grease separator is a great solution for restaurants and hotels located in the city center or old town. Here, the installation of a traditional underground grease separator faces difficulties due to severe constraints and difficult legal approvals for groundworks. In this case, there is no more convenient and cheaper option than the GREASLY-A – free-standing grease separator. The grease separators manufactured by UAB Eneka meet the requirements of the latest EU standards (EN1825, DIN4040-100), have test certificates from independent bodies and are marked with the CE mark.

Advantages of free-standing grease separators Greasly-A:

  • Sustainable production. The separator is made of polyethylene, the recyclable and reusable raw material.
  • Fits through any door. Due to the light and tight housing, the grease separator can be brought into existing premises through any standard door.
  • Easy selection of flow direction. The inlet and outlet can be connected from the right or left side according to the existing pipeline layout.
  • Convenient allocation in the room. The separator is maintained from one side, so it can be set up by the wall, thus saving space.
  • Rigid and durable housing. Due to the advanced design of separator housing is resistant to water pressure and higher temperatures.
  • Odour-free operation. There is no need to open the covers during operation and maintenance, thus avoiding unpleasant odors.