Polyethylene tanks & rainwater harvesting system

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    SNIGO underground polyethylene tank is a perfect solution for many applications: domestic wastewater treatment, rainwater harvesting, etc. Standard cylindrical modules are connected to get the required size of the tank. The tank volumes from 1000 to 12000 liters are manufactured to suit the customer’s needs. SNIGO tanks can also be supplied with integrated baffles. To facilitate the
    installation the inlet and outlet pipes can be connected from the end or from the top.

    • Stiffness guaranteed. Polyethylene SNIGO tanks provide a perfect load-bearing capacity by keeping the low weight of the product. The great stiffness of the tank is achieved thanks to the advanced design and structure of the ribs.
    • Design inspired by nature. The shape of a snowflake reflected in the tank’s design is not only very elegant but also providing great resistance to the external loads.
    • Watertight to the ground surface.  The seals ensure that no liquid droplet will penetrate into the tank or from the tank.
    • Telescopic shaft. It is designed to adjust the manhole cover flush with the ground surface.
    • Integrated ladder ensuring easy and safe access into the manhole.

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    Water can be free!

    Mains water supply including sewage treatment was getting more expensive in the past, and this will continue in the future. Since the price increase is not to avoid we shall look for alternative water sources. The best solution – Rainy’s rainwater harvesting system, which covers approximately 50% of daily water demand.

    Water is employed for different household appliances. Obviously, drinking water quality is absolutely unnecessary for some high consumption applications like toilet flushing, washing clothes, lawn or garden watering, car washing or house cleaning. Valuable drinking water may be replaced by rainwater for those activities – saving our money and natural resources