wastewater treatment plant

The selecting of Wastewater treatment plant. What is more important – price or quality?

Now, with the vastness of the internet, finding cheaper products is very easy. However, people need to keep in mind that if the price is lower, the product is made from cheap materials, technology, or incomplete equipment. Some manufacturers offer a price for wastewater treatment plants that seems very appealing, but that usually occurs only at the first glance, why? We can use the well-known rule of “stingy pay twice”, this rule is no exception when purchasing wastewater treatment plants.

Cheap wastewater treatment plants

In most cases, choosing a cheap wastewater treatment plant has to deal with its shortcomings, which do not last for days, but many years. The most important thing is that the purchased wastewater treatment plant meets the main task – to reliably treat wastewater, do not pollute the environment, and do not emit odors, but also use as little energy as possible.

High electricity consumption

A cheap wastewater treatment plant will force the electricity counter to turn faster than you would like. The most common feature of wastewater treatment plants is a continuously functioning blower. Although it is a small device, operating 24 hours a day without rest, it screws a round sum.

Service costs

Often, cheap wastewater treatment plants require constant maintenance and adjustment, which can only be performed by specialized companies. These service bills must be borne by the owner of the device.

Sludge removal

Some suppliers of wastewater treatment equipment explain that almost no sludge is generated in the wastewater treatment plant, so there is no need to dispose of it. Looking at the situation logically, sewage enters through the toilet, sink, or dishwasher along with the sludge that settles to the bottom. They do not miraculously disappear anywhere from there unless they are pumped out and taken out.

Experts advise

Before buying the wastewater treatment plant think about the future and decide what is better – whether to save by purchasing the cheapest wastewater treatment plant at the risk of becoming its permanent “servant”, or choose equipment that will help solve wastewater treatment problems and will not become a constant intrusive concern.

We offer you to choose a reliable wastewater treatment plant AQUAmax, which has the following features:

  • saves electricity costs: when there is no sewage flow, AQUAmax automatically switches to economy mode,
  • vacationing with you i.e. maintains the functionality of the device at minimal cost until inflow occurs,
  • operates without any noise as it does not use any blower,
  • very easy to service as it is easily removed from the container.