Free-Standing Grease Separator operation and automatic program-controlled disposal

Free-standing Grease Separator is a great choice when you want to save time. Perfect for restaurants or hotels in the city center or old town areas, that cannot conduct excavation work and are often exposed to clogged pipes or bad, greasy odors. Before purchasing a product, the most common question is, how does a free-standing grease separator work? This video is intended to help you understand the operation of the grease separator.

Free-Standing Grease Separator operation process:

Incoming greasy wastewater enters the separator through the inlet nozzle. Grease particles, lighter than water, are driven upwards by gravity. The grease layer is collected on the water surface. Solids and other impurities, heavier than water, settle to the bottom of the separator. Treated water is discharged through the outlet nozzle.

The grease alarm is indicating when the grease storage is full. The extraction hose of the disposal vehicle is attached. The operator presses the Start button on the remote control/main control panel.

A mixer is activated for blending the accumulated grease and solids with water thus facilitating the disposal. A disposal pump is emptying the complete contents of the separator.

After the disposal, the separator is filled up with fresh water via the Refilling unit. Optional rinsing: after the filling, the freshwater is mixed and emptied, then the freshwater is filled again.

After completion of these steps, the grease separator system is ready for operation.

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