Why there is a need to use oil/water separators?

oil separators for use in car parks

Oil particles in water

When oil effluents enter groundwater or surface water, they enter lakes, rivers, seas, or oceans. Oil particles can damage the aquatic ecosystem by preventing oxygen from mixing well with water.

Oil particles in the soil

Oil particles entering the soil reduce aeration and water penetration. This prevents plants and other organisms in the soil from getting the water and air they need to survive. Oil products can remain in the soil for many years, which can limit long-term agricultural productivity.

The entry of oil products into nature can be reduced by using SEPKO oil/water separators, which will ensure that oil particles are cleaned and clean water reaches nature.

Oil/water separators are used by objects that contain a lot of cars or other vehicles. However, have you ever wondered why you need to separate water from oil products?

Danger to the environment

Motor vehicle traffic is busy, and there is a high risk that untimely vehicles can cause oil particles to enter the environment. Every drop of oil left in parking lots, garages, etc., can enter the ecosystem during rain. Oil entering the water or land can be harmful to plants, animals, and even humans. For example, oil spills cause significant damage to the ecosystem. However, there is no need to think that oil particles in car washes or car parks are less harmful.

use oil separators to protect nature