Biological wastewater treatment plants, oil and grease separators, pumping stations

Rainwater harvesting system Rainy's for Home and Garden

Fluid filters, air purification equipment, water filters, fans and additional equipment

Rotational molding - automatic hollow plastic products manufacturing


"Greasly-A" Above ground Grease Separator model created in "Eneka" in 2018 won a gold medal in the competition "Lithuanian Product of the Year".
VA-mässan is the most important event in the field of water management in Scandinavia. This exhibition was held on September 25-27 in Sweden, in Jönköping.
Long awaited manhole covers are made of cast iron. They are leakproof, weatherproof and durable.

To become the leader among production companies in this field, not only in Lithuania, but also in Europe. Create a well-known brand and products that would be recognized internationally.

To foster the traditions of a stable, dynamically developing manufacturing company. Provide technologically advanced, high-quality, aesthetically pleasing products and services to its customers. Contribute to the environmental sustainability and economic growth of the country.

Attention to the client and the surrounding environment, creativity, teamwork, competence, loyalty to our customers and our company.