• Grease separator prevents grease from entering the pipelines to prevent them from clogging;
  • No bad odour – complete tightness of grease separator;
  • Convenient allocation in the room – the grease separator is maintained from one side therefore it can be set up next to the wall. The accessories (inspection window, extraction pipe, disposal pump) can be attached from both sides;
  • Fits through any door – a tight grease separator body;
  • No additional construction work required;
  • Very simple maintenance of the unit, which is needed 1-2 times a year;
  • The unit is easy to transport.

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Grease separator free-standing

Grease separator model made of polyethylene for free-standing installation inside buildings. Grease separator is compact, rigid and lightweight but very rigid units at the same time. All separators are equipped with integrated sludge trap. Currently, there are two nominal sizes of above-ground separators available for flow rates from 2 to 20 l/s. The other nominal sizes one request.

Rigid and durable design

The advanced design of separator’s body ensures great stiffness and perfect resistance against internal water pressure and higher temperatures.

riebalų gaudyklė riebalų skirtuvas automatinis

Automatic disposal system

After connecting the hose to a disposal truck, the operator starts the disposal
the procedure by pushing a START button in the control box or remote controller.
Disposal steps:
– Mixing for a preset time.
– Emptying by the disposal pump.
– Rinsing (optional), i.e. partial filling
with fresh water and emptying.
– Complete filling with fresh water.

During operation, the control panel monitors the current used by the mixer and pump motors and compares it with a preset rated current. If the current is too low, the “dry run” is recorded, if it is too high, the overload is recorded. In both cases, the motor will be switched off.

riebalų gaudyklė telpanti per bet kurias duris

Fits through any door

A tight grease separator body (width is the only 700mm) can easily fit through any standard door. Thus grease separator is a good choice for installation in spaces with narrow access.

sandari riebalu gaudykle

No bad odour

Access covers are tightened by locking rings with gasket ensuring odour-free operation. There is no need to open the cover during the maintenance since accumulated grease and sludge can be disposed of through extraction pipe or by means of disposal pump.

riebalu gaudykles kryptys

Easy selection of flow direction

Due to the symmetrical design of separator, the flow direction can be selected according to the existing pipeline layout. Inlet or outlet pipe can be connected on the right or left side of the separator.

Article No.Flow rates, l/sSludge trap volume,lSeparator volume, lGrease volume, lTotal volume, lWeight, kg (depends on the model)
Article No.Flow rate, l/sSludge trap,lSeparator volume, lGrease volume, lTotal volume, lWeight, kg (depends on the model)


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