The Grease Separator. How to avoid unpleasant odors?

A person feels good surrounded by pleasant smells. For example, when we visit any catering establishment, we have hope that we will be greeted only by pleasant smells.

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Unpleasant odor problem in restaurants

However, when restaurants use large amounts of grease, a grease separator is necessary to separate grease and protect the pipes from clogging. A mixture of fat and water inevitably gives off a bad smell. So, what can be done so that such a smell does not deter customers and damage the image of the catering establishment?

Short-term solution

Solutions can be found in a variety of ways, such as Grease-cycle offers the use of salt, baking soda, and vinegar, or every night to add boiling water to the sink. However, these solutions are only short-lived and time-consuming. So, the question is, what is the long-term solution?

A long-term solution is a reliable grease separator

The answer is simple – use only those grease separators that work to ensure complete tightness and prevent the penetration of unpleasant odors, e.g., Greasly-Aseparator manufactured by UAB Eneka. 

Automatic Grease Separator
Grease separator Greasly A – PUMP model.

Grease Separator Greasly-A

  • The grease separator access covers are tightened by locking rings with a gasket ensuring odor-free operation.
  • The more advanced models of grease separators do not require any covers openings during both operation and maintenance.
  • The layer of separated grease is observed without opening the cover through the inspection window or by following the indications of the fat level indicator.
  • Accumulated contaminants are removed through the extraction pipe, or by a special disposal pump (automatic grease separator model PUMP).
  • After disposal, fresh water is to be filled which also does not require the cover to be opened. Freshwater is filled through a refilling unit with a siphon, which also prevents the emission of bad odors.

Thus, Greasly-A is a logical choice for every responsible and modern catering and accommodation establishment.