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The magic of rainwater – soft clothes after washing

Rainwater is useful not only for watering plants but also for home applications. With the rainwater harvesting system Rainys, rainwater can be used successfully for washing clothes.


Why is it useful to use rainwater for clothes washing?

The most important thing is that the rainwater is soft because it is low in potassium and sodium salts. So, your laundry will be soft and fluffy after washing. You’ll also save because you won’t need any fabric softeners!

Soft water easily and effectively washes detergents and dirt from fabrics. When using rainwater, you won’t have to worry about washing powder residue remaining on your clothes. Washing time can be shortened – that will reduce water and electricity consumption. Also, using shorter washing functions will make your favorite clothes wear out more slowly.

Washing with rainwater

By the way, using soft rainwater, the heating elements of the washing machine will be protected from limescale. This will make your appliance last for a long time without the use of any descaling agents.

The SNIGO polyethylene tank is ideal for storing and storing rainwater, as it is not exposed to the negative effects of heat and light. The water temperature in the underground tank remains between 6 and 8 ° C all year round. Microorganisms and algae do not develop in such cold water and darkness; therefore, stable high-water quality is ensured.

So, hurry to take advantage of the good properties of rainwater by installing a rainwater harvesting system.