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With the start of the watering season, many private landowners are worried – the need to water big lawns, garden plants need moisture, but there is no rain. Those who have rainwater harvesting systems are not afraid of drought.

Rainwater applications

According to UAB ENEKA specialists, there is as much rain falling on the average roof of the house, as would be enough to water the lawn during the whole season. However, in most cases, all this water enters the drainage system without any use. Not everyone knows that rainwater can be stored and used for their own needs and cover approximately 50% of daily water demand. Drinking water quality is unnecessary for applications like toilet flushing, washing clothes, lawn or garden watering, car washing, or house cleaning.

Rainwater Harvesting system Rainys

Rainwater harvesting
Rainwater Harvesting system Rainys

To reduce water bills and at the same time have a sufficient water reserve for watering, a larger or smaller underground tank should be installed for the rainwater collection. To fill the rainwater tank, the pipe must be routed from the drainage system from the roofs of buildings. All year round water temperature in the underground tank remains between 6 and 8 °C. Cold water and darkness prevent the development of microorganisms and mud in the water, therefore water quality is ensured. A basket filter is installed to clean the incoming water from leaves and other impurities. The Rainys system contains the pump with an integrated pressure sensor for the water supply, which switches on automatically each time when water is needed.

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