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In 1999, the first small wastewater treatment plant based on sequence batch reactor (SBR) technology was introduced in Germany. In a short time, treatment plants operating on the SBR principle have taken a large market share. The success can be explained by the fact that a method was invented that fundamentally changed the understanding of domestic wastewater treatment in small facilities.

The idea of a sequence batch reactor was theoretically known almost a century ago, but it was not easy to apply in practice. Only by the development of the digital process controllers was made a big step ahead.

After starting to build the first plant in the basement of their house, father and son Baumanns, elaborated their AQUAMAX wastewater treatment plant in a short time followed by the establishment of solid production, sales, and service structure.

Where lies the secret to the success of the new SBR technology?

This question can be answered by presenting the main advantages of SBR wastewater treatment plants:

The SBR plant is designed for treatment of uneven wastewater flow. The cleaning process is managed by the digital controller. A batch of sewage is treated for as long as necessary to achieve the specified treatment efficiency. Meanwhile, the incoming wastewater is accumulated in the first chamber of the tank and awaits further treatment.
The pump and mixer of Aquamax plant function for short periods of time, so much less energy is consumed compared with a continuous air blower used in conventional wastewater treatment plant. Therefore, Aquamax ensures the lowest operating costs for a wastewater treatment plant.
Economy mode. When the family takes a leave for a longer time, there is no wastewater flow of stops. This causes serious problems for most wastewater treatment plants, as this can cause the death of the activated sludge that is ensuring the treatment process. Meanwhile, Aquamax is equipped with the economic mode that ensures reliable treatment for up to 6 weeks without wastewater inflow.
Internals of the Aquamax plant is mounted on the water surface, so it is easy to service by opening the tank lid. There is no need to climb into an unpleasant-smelling tank. This is also particularly important from a safety point of view, as the presence of methane gas inside of the sewage tank can cause serious injuries of death.
The device is controlled by a digital controller. The user of Aquamax plant does not need to worry about any the changing regulations in wastewater treatment since the only modification required will be the adjustment of the software.
Aquamax wastewater treatment plant is supplied in a strong polyethylene tank that is resistant to heavy ground and groundwater loads.
The height of the maintenance shaft can be adjusted to the present terrain. So, there are no overhanging shafts here that cause inconvenience when mowing the lawn.
The lid standard tank is designed for a load of 3.5 t, i.e. suitable to drive on by a light vehicle.

Thus, the secret of AQUAmax wastewater treatment plants lies in their ability to achieve reliable wastewater treatment results at the lowest cost. So, before buying a wastewater treatment plant, it is advisable to look not only at its purchase price but also the future operating costs. This will make sure you choose the most optimal solution.