Water can be free!

Mains water supply including sewage treatment was getting more expensive in the past, and this will continue in the future. Since the price increase is not to avoid we shall look for alternative water sources. The best solution – Rainy’s rainwater harvesting system, which covers approximately 50% of daily water demand.

Water is employed for different household appliances. Obviously, drinking water quality is absolutely unnecessary for some high consumption applications like toilet flushing, washing clothes, lawn or garden watering, car washing or house cleaning. Valuable drinking water may be replaced by rainwater for those activities – saving our money and natural resources


How to use a gift from heaven?

The best way to employ a gift from the sky is to install a rainwater harvesting system Rainy’s with the underground polyethylene tank. To fill the tank with rainwater the pipeline from the roof shall be connected. No problem with overfilling of the tank, since excess water will be directed to the sewer or drainage system.

SNIGO tank is an ideal solution for rainwater collecting and storage. Water is isolated from external negative factors such as sunlight or heat. The temperature range inside the tank is 6-8 °C during the whole year. The cold conditions prevent mud and microorganism development in the water.

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The elementary principle of operation

The operation of the system is very simple. Rainwater flows from the roof via pipeline and enters the underground tank SNIGO via the in-tank filter and calmed inlet. The filter removes leaves and other impurities from the water. The filter basket is equipped with cleaning. The collected water is stored in the underground tank and is ready to use.

Submersible water pump with integrated pressure switch is turned on automatically in case of water demand. Just open the tap and water flows! The submersible pump is a very convenient technical solution eliminating noisy water supply devices in the house, additional small water tanks, drip trays, etc. The pump is also equipped with dry-run protection and anti-blocking protection actuating the pump for 1 second every 72 hours.

The refeeding kit is preventing from the lack of water in the tank. The level sensor is monitoring the water level. If there is a lack of rainwater the sensor is transmitting a signal to the controller which is actuating the electric valve to fill the tank with mains water.

Water excess is disposed to a sewer or drainage system via an overflow siphon. The component separates the pipeline from the tank and preventing from bad smells. The siphon allows removing impurities floating on the water surface (pollen etc.).

Rainy’s GARDENING system

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Who knows, perhaps next summer will be hot and dry again? Those who have a garden may tell how much money and efforts keeping of green lawn

Rainy’s HOME system

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Day after day, our valuable drinking water is spent for toilet flushing, washing clothes and garden watering. These household applications do not require drinking water quality. Therefore free rainwater may be of service here! Rainy’s HOME system includes:
• Underground tank SNIGO and telescopic dome shaft
• In-tank filter with stainless steel basket (filtration rating 0,55 mm)
• Calmed inlet
• Floating water intake
• Automatic pump
• Controller
• Electric valve
• Water level sensor
• Overflow siphon


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