Our SPIRO wastewater pumping stations are designed for pumping rain and domestic wastewater. They can be used in pressurized sewage systems and as sewage collectors in non-pressurized sewers. The pumping stations can be installed under the road surface, as well as in a landscaped area without concreting.

Pumping stations are designed for one or two pumps.


The pump housing is made of a high-strength double-walled polyethylene profile. Transport loops allow the pumping station to be conveniently loaded and transported.

The inner diameter of the pump housing: from 1200 to 2200 mm.

Height: up to 8 meters.


The pump type is selected depending on the nature and volume of the wastewater and the pumping distance and height. A wide range of pump types is available to adapt the pumping station to the required lifting capacity: pumps with a shredder, with a single-channel impeller, or with a vortex impeller.

Pumping components:

  • Ladder (stainless steel);
  • Service area (stainless steel, fiberglass);
  • Lid (PE or ductile iron);
  • Pressure piping (optional: stainless steel / PE / PVC);
  • Knife valve (malleable cast iron);
  • Check valve (ductile iron);
  • Guides (stainless steel);
  • Sediment bag (stainless steel);
  • Pump and basket chains (stainless steel).