Infiltration tunnels could be Installed for the disposal of treated wastewater where there is no suitable site for disposal. You will be able to insert purified water into the soil through infiltration tunnels easily.

  • Compact and inexpensive solution! Installation does not require lifting equipment. The required number of modules is combined into one or more rows, with both ends closed with end panels. The large volume of tunnels reduces the number of earthworks, which saves money.
  • Rigid construction. The stable column structure guarantees lorry traffic above infiltration units if the ground is at least 800 mm. The passenger car version will withstand a load of 3.5 t per square meter.
  • Cost-effective solution. GRAF infiltration units have 3 times the volume of a conventional gravel trench. One tunnel module replaces 800 kg of gravel or 36 meters of drainage pipes. By significantly reducing the amount of earthwork, infiltration blocks can save a lot of time and money.
  • Easy installation. Infiltration units can be installed in rows or blocks from one to 5 floors, depending on the specific application and the required volume. Module installation is straightforward, fast, and allows for a variety of options. No complex instruments are needed for assembly, with a unit weight of just 15 kg and possible connections.


Infiltration tunnels

For infiltration tunnels, all you have to do is select the area of ​​the water-permeable ground above the groundwater. It will allow you to add purified water to the soil through infiltration tunnels easily. Tunnels are covered with a special cloth and buried in the ground. You will need to dig significantly less soil than installing conventional gravel trenches or wells.

The flexible and efficient infiltration block system is especially suitable for public and industrial facilities.

Due to its high resistance to mechanical loads, the use of the area above it has no limits. Whatever it is – parking, entry to the company, warehouse – everything is fine.

Infiltracijos tunelis po žeme

Infiltration Tunnel Volume Selection for Wastewater

Infiltration Tunnel Quantity Selection for Rainwater

Inhabitants Well water-absorbing primerModerately water-absorbing primer
Soil typeRoof area 100 sq.m.Roof area 150 sq.m.Roof area 200 sq.m.
Fine sand8-1012-1515-20

Infiltration equipment set

  • • Infiltration tunnels required number;
  • • Two end panels per tunnel row;
  • • Ventilation hatch control DN200;
  • • Geotextiles.