AQUAmax is a reliable and modern biological cyclic wastewater treatment plant for private homes, catering and housing, quarters, and small settlements.

  • Silent work. No blower and other noisy and noisy parts installed indoors;
  • Fault prevention. The machine’s control panel immediately reports a malfunction. If taken in time, the cleaner will not start to emit harmful odors. Device malfunctions are indicated by the control panel, not by bad odors;
  • Effective cleaning. The cyclic operation guarantees reliable wastewater treatment, regardless of flow irregularity. Wastewater is treated in batches and excess is collected (e.g., on arrival);
  • Economy. Minimal electricity consumption as the equipment starts up only for a short time. In the absence of wastewater, the economic model is activated;
  • Simple service. All units are on the surface of the water, so they can easily be lifted out of the tank without having to climb into it.


Wastewater treatment plants AQUAmax PROFESSIONAL G and PROFESSIONAL XL units are widely used with uneven wastewater flow. This property of AQUAmax PROFESSIONAL ensures efficient and cost-effective wastewater treatment in facilities such as restaurants, camping sites, hotels, farmsteads, or industrial plants (meat or fish processing, dairies, etc.).

AQUAmax mounted on SNIGO modular polyethylene tanks

  • Stiffness guaranteed. SNIGO provides a perfect load-bearing capacity by keeping the low weight of the product. The great stiffness of the tank is achieved thanks to the advanced design and structure of the ribs. The consistent quality of the product is ensured by the automatic manufacturing method. SNIGO is designed to withstand heavy ground loads without significant deformations. The tanks are groundwater-stable as well.
  • Design inspired by nature. SNIGO is distinguished by the unique exterior design made by well-established British specialists. By developing the tanks the natural shapes have been implemented. The shape of a snowflake is reflected in the tank’s design.
  • Watertight to the ground surface. SNIGO is equipped with two special seals. The first seal is located between the tank body and manhole shaft, the second seal is between the manhole dome and telescope. The seals ensure that no liquid droplet will penetrate into the tank or from the tank.
  • Telescopic shaft. The telescopic shaft is designed to adjust the manhole cover flush with the ground surface. The adjustment is helping the cover to avoid becoming an obstacle by cutting the grass or by making the paving. The height of the shaft can be adjusted in the range of 200 mm. The shaft is designed for connection with standard polyethylene or cast iron covers for load classes from A15 to D400 according to standard EN124.
Nuotekų valymo įrenginys
AQUAmas wasterwater treatment plant
Number of inhabitants
AQUAmax wastewater treatment plant
Number of inhabitants
AQUAmax professional wastewater treatment plant
Number of inhabitants

AQUAmax XL100 population Snigo-D tank

AQUAmax XL100 in Snigo-D tank

The concentration of pollutants in treated wastewater

BOD(5)30 mg/l15 mg/l
COD125 mg/l75 mg/l
Suspended solids35 mg/l25 mg/l
Total N20 mg/l10 mg/l
Phosphorus< 5 kb.m/d< 5 kb.m/d