BIO-OXIMAT is an efficient water treatment system for the purification and recovery of the process water from vehicle washing stations. The rate of recovery of process water for portal car-washing plants is 80 to 90%.

  • Biologic purification and emulsion breaking
  • Purification of the total wastewater
  • Process water of excellent quality
  • High capacity of process water
  • No bad odours
  • High operational reliability
  • Minimal technical support
  • Low operating expenses
  • No additional waste disposal



Within the BIO-OXIMAT the following physical, mechanical and biochemical processes are generated to realize optimal purification.

Sediment separation The impurities heavier than water settle down and are collected in the sludge trap.
Biological purification Due to specially adapted microorganisms and saturation of oxygen the organic components in the water are degraded.
Flotation The suspended solids are driven to the water surface by small air bubbles in the reaction vessel and then directed into the sludge trap system.
Filtration The finest solid particles are eliminated from wastewater by a maintenance-free and self-cleaning filter.

The wastewater from the carwash process is directed into an underground sludge trap. This system is designed according to the actual water flow rate according to sedimentation and biological purification needs. The sludge trap and equalizing tank are used for the biological purification of the wastewater.

The excess water (10 to 20% of the total flow) from the equalizing tank is directed to oil/water separator and dumped into the sewage system. The excess water is created due to rinsing and preservation processes that use freshwater to avoid any bad odour and excessive salinization of the water during the winter season.

The wastewater pre-clarified by sedimentation and biological purification processes is collected in the equalizing tank. A suction pump is lifting water to BIO-OXIMAT for the final treatment.

Due to the water current of the suction pump a depression is created within the air injector thus ambient air is injected into the water flow which is dispersed in water in the form of small bubbles. This intensive air injection in form of small bubbles is used for the following processes:

  • flotation of suspended solids
  • biological purification
  • elimination of bad odours
  • cleaning of the waste water filter module

Elimination of bad odours: The supply of oxygen to the wastewater prevents anaerobic degradation within the entire recovery system and eliminates any bad odours.

Technical datasheet


Dimensions (lxwxh) 1400 x 650 x 1780 mm
Capacity of process water

depends on equipment

max. total 6 m³/h

4 m³/h with 3 bar

supply depressurized 2 m³/h

Connected load 2,2 kW,  400 V/50 Hz
Weight approx. 180 kg
Dimensions (lxwxh) 1800 x 650 x 1780 mm
Capacity of process water

depends on equipment

max. total 20 m³/h

10 m³/h with 3 bar

supply depressurized 10 m³/h

Connected load 4,5 kW,  400 V/50 Hz
Weight approx. 220 kg
Dimensions (lxwxh) 1800 x 650 x 1780 mm
Capacity of process water

depends on equipment

max. total 30 m³/h

15 m³/h with 3 bar

supply depressurized 15 m³/h

Connected load 5,5 kW,  400 V/50 Hz
Weight approx. 230 kg