Series ROTO 850 is a small sewage pumping station in polyethylene housing. Pumping stations are used for the removal of domestic wastewater from residential buildings and the lifting of low-capacity rainwater or drainage wastewater. The ROTO pumping station is designed for one pump.


  • Designed for pedestrian and light traffic parking areas
  • Corrosion-resistant components
  • Buoyancy proof housing
  • Perfect stability with double-walled bottom part


The pump housing with stiffening ribs made by rotational molding is resistant to external ground and groundwater loads. The bottom of the pumping station is a double-walled construction. The diameter of the pumping station is ø850 mm and a height of up to 3 meters. An integrated ladder is provided for safe access of personnel to the pumping station. The lid is equipped with a telescope for adjustment flush with the terrain.

The pump type is selected depending on the nature and volume of the wastewater and the pumping distance and height. A wide range of pump types is available to adapt the pumping station to the required lifting capacity: pumps with a shredder, with a single-channel impeller or with a vortex impeller.

Technical Data Sheet:
• Housing material: polyethylene
• Lids: class A35 polyethylene lid, class B125 & D400 ductile iron lids
• Integrated anti-slip ladder (fiberglass)
• Pressure piping (optional: stainless steel / PE / PVC)
• Ballve valve (cast iron)
• Check valve (ductile iron)
• Guide rails (stainless steel)
• Lifting chains for pump and basket (stainless steel)
• Diameter Ø: 850 mm.
• Height H: 1500…3000 mm
• Inlet pipe Ø: 110/160.