Fish Scale Interceptor SNIGO-3200-FSI

Used in fish processing plants and facilities that sell fish to receive waste water that contains fish scales. The fish scale interceptor will filter out fish scales from the fixture waste line before entering the pipe system to reduce clogging and improve performance.



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The Interceptor is applied in fish processing plants and sales/distribution facilities. The Interceptor provides a liquid holding capacity of 3000 liters. The interceptor can only be used for underground/buried applications. The system includes two strainer plates with 10 mm and 3 mm openings for coarse and fine separation. The interceptor is equipped with a maintenance shaft of 500mm in height. The height of the shaft can be adjusted/reduced to the required height by cutting. The inlet and outlet nozzles are DN110/DN160. A Polyethylene lid with a clear opening of ø800 mm provides a water/gas-tight connection with a seal. The lid is made with a load capacity of Class A15 (1,5t) according to EN124-6 standard. The tank of the Fish Scale Interceptor is manufactured from polyethylene by a modern process of rotational moulding. The automatic production method ensures perfect stability and prevents manufacturing failures. All finished products are made with the highest accuracy. Polyethylene material used for the production can be easily recycled reducing waste and environmental impact.

Material: Polyethylene
Length: 2400 mm
Width: 1450 mm
Height: 2000 mm (including the shaft)
Weight: 360 kg

The separator is equipped with a maintenance shaft of diameter ø850 mm and PE lid Eneka DN800, Class A15 – 1,5 t according to EN 124 standard. The shaft is designed to adjust the manhole cover flush with the ground surface. The maintenance shaft is attached to the tank by a fixed connection. The height of the shaft can be adjusted by removing the lid and cutting the top of the cylinder. After cutting the flange of the lid can be fixed to to maintenance shaft by screws.