UAB ENEKA’s contribution to environmental sustainability

Mixed polyethylene powder

Almost every day we are hearing about humanity’s struggle against climate change and about environmental sustainability.
Have you ever wondered what sustainability is? Environmental sustainability is ecological integrity where environmental systems maintain balance. Sustainability involves reducing CO2 emissions, conserving water resources, recycling raw materials, and using energy from renewable sources.

Polyethylene powder

We – UAB ENEKA – are convinced to be responsible not only to our customers, supplying attractive and efficient products, but also to contribute to the protection of our environment.
Our Oil Separators, Grease Separators, and sewage wastewater treatment plants are designed to remove pollutants from wastewater, thus preventing the contamination of the environment.

Our rainwater harvesting system Rainy’s contributes to the conservation of water resources by replacing up to 50% of water consumption in a household by rainwater. Moreover, our products are manufactured from polyethylene by the rotational molding process. At the end of their service life, polyethylene can be recycled and reused to make other products. This is a major advantage of polyethylene products over the fiberglass often used by other manufacturers, which is a composite and difficult-to-recycle raw material. But that is too small for us, we want to do more!

Solar power plants on the roof of UAB “Eneka”

In our company, we use electricity only from renewable sources. The solar power plant on the roof of our buildings fully covers the entire needs of electric power of Eneka. Hence, we all together can save our environment and stop climate change by making sustainable decisions!