For few decades ENEKA has been involved in the supply of advanced filtration and separation systems for oil refineries, the petrochemical industry, aviation, power generation, marine, and other industries. Our scope of supply is including industrial filters, two-stage coalescer separators, fuel monitors, oil/water separators, bilge water separators, and other systems designed to separate and treat fluids containing a mixture of water, hydrocarbons, and solids.


The filter is a device for the removal of solids from liquids or gases by flowing through a filter media that will retain the solids and allow only clean products to pass through. Hydrocarbon process and fuel filtration are usually employed to remove process contaminants, pipe-scale, transport contaminants, and improve the appearance and the acceptance of the product. A single pass of product through the system removes solids such as rust, dirt, scale, granules, and other particles commonly found in liquid process streams. Replaceable element-type filters have wide usage and can be used in almost any application. The two most important factors to consider when determining what kind of replaceable element type filters to use are (1) the concentration of the solids to be retained by the filter and (2) the required degree of filtration.

Our range of filters contains API/EI-approved filters for use in aviation/jet fuel applications. For certain applications filters are employed as pre-filter upstream of coalescers or filter/water separators to improve the lifetime (and reduce the operating cost) of the coalescing cartridges.

Our high-efficiency filter elements are constructed to meet the demanding requirements of the industrial filter market. For the filtration of fuels and hydrocarbon process streams, we can offer a wide range of filter elements. Our elements are all dimensionally interchangeable and both surface filters and depth filters are available. The filters offer nominal filtration and the filtration degree ranges from 0,5 micron.

Types of our filter elements:
• Pleated media filter elements,
• Pleated media CORELESS elements,
• Depth type filter elements,
• Wire mesh elements etc.