Clean air for all industries!

ENEKA UAB is supplying equipment for reducing ambient air pollution in various industries. Our work focuses on solutions for individual problems of each client, we supply our customers with the equipment of high efficiency and reliability, low power consumption, and complies fully with all the requirements of the process.
Our company takes care of all steps – engineering and design, contamination monitoring, equipment installation, and commissioning, service, and maintenance. Wherever there is a need for reducing air pollution, our experts are always ready to give good advice on products for clean air.

FM series filters
Compact FM series filters (FMC cartridge filters and FMK cassette filters) are manufactured and assembled from standard galvanized steel modules, and therefore their acquisition cost is low. Filter cartridges or cassettes are conveniently accessible and easily replaced through the service door. FM filters have a wide range of additional equipment: integrated fans, telescopic support legs, service platforms, screens, and rotary valves.

FMC200 cartridge filters are supplied for air flows of 1.000 to 20.000 m³/h. Efficient cleaning of filter cartridges is ensured by compressed air using the patented UniClean® system which provides optimum cleaning and long service life. Filters are suitable for small to medium dust loads (up to 5 g/m³). The FMC200 filter is extremely compact.
FMK25 cassette filters can treat air flows from 1.000 to 10.500 m³/h. Cleaning with compressed air allows the filter to be in operation for a long period without servicing. The filter cassettes have combined the efficiency of filter cartridges and the durability of the bag filters. FMK filters can be applied for small to medium dust loads (up to 20 g/m³). More than 10 different types of filter materials provide the ability to find the right solution in all cases, including wet or sticky dust.

NF 3000 filters
The NF3000 is a compact filter suitable for virtually unlimited streams of highly polluted air (wood, grain dust, etc.). Filters are very efficient and save up to 40% of space compared to similar filters from other manufacturers. Filter bags are cleaned by means of reverse flow fans.
– The modular construction. NF3000 filter is assembled from a standard 1200×1200 mm module. The filter can be extended by adding additional modules. NF3000 filters can handle the air flows from 1.500 to 300.000 m³/h. Filter sleeve cleaned regenerative fan support.
– Less space, less weight. Due to improved design and technology, the filter takes up less space and is of smaller weight. Moreover, the filter is using less energy and ensures efficient filtration.
– Quick and easy installation. The filter assembly is a very simple and low cost of labor performed within a minimum time. If higher air volumes have to be treated, the filter can be extended by connecting additional modules.
– Energy-saving. A shape of filter housing provides high performance at low airspeeds. The features of patented SUPER BAG filtration bags also contribute to the fact that energy costs are minimal.

Intake Pit Filters

Intake pit filters are bag filters designed for aspiration at intake dump pits of bulk material unloading from transport (truck, rail wagon). Filters are made of a 2 mm galvanized steel sheet. The modular design allows to the selection of the appropriate filter size and the filter area, depending on the application. Filter bags are cleaned by compressed air.

Silosafe Silo Filters

Silosafe is a special cartridge filter designed for silo venting applications, with natural or fan assisted ventilation. The filter can be mounted on the top of silo. The filter cartridges are cleaned by compressed air. After cleaning of cartridges dust falls back into the silo, and the purified air is released into the environment. The filter can be supplied with a built-in exhaust fan. A robust filter housing is made of 4 mm thick galvanized steel.