Two-stage coalescer filter/water separators are the primary defense against fuel contamination by water and dirt. Our coalescer separators provide a complete system that meets industry standards and individual levels of effluent purity required by commercial airlines, major oil companies, and governments.

The coalescer separator housings contain both first-stage coalescer and second-stage separator elements with no internal moving parts. Coalescer elements provide efficient and economical filtration and coalescence of fluids in a wide range of applications in industry and aviation. Our elements provide greater coalescing efficiency and contaminant holding capacity than most conventional coalescers or other separation techniques. As a result, our coalescers improve product quality, reduce maintenance costs and help prevent unscheduled shutdowns. Retention ratings are available from 1 to 40 microns.

The separator elements provide efficient separation of water in a wide range of fluid process streams. Separators are designed for passing fuel and oil and rejecting the large water droplets produced by coalescers. Both Teflon and synthetic separator elements can be cleaned and reused.

The product is pumped under pressure to flow through the housing inlet chamber and inside/out through the multi-media coalescer element. This specially developed multi-media element configuration traps and holds minute solid particles, while forcing small water droplets to commingle and grow into heavier, larger drops that fall by gravity to the housing sump area. The fuel continues to flow outside/in through the second-stage separator elements. These separator elements strip any remaining water droplets from the fuel allowing only clean, dry fuel to pass.

Vertical and horizontal housing designs are available with a wide selection of coalescer and separator elements to meet specific applications. Housings are designed for easy servicing and low maintenance with many standard and optional accessories and connections available to facilitate piping and installation requirements.

Our aviation coalescer separators have been tested and qualified to meet the performance requirements of API/EI Bulletin 1581, Fifth Edition.