• The manhole lid consists of a cover and frame.
  • Two childproof stainless steel locks secure the cover into place.
  • Application: inspection chambers in drainage and sewerage systems, mains water, communications manholes, and other pipeline access products.
  • Modern product’s exterior.
  • The surface pattern provides great slip resistance.
  • Good water runoff: no ice formation on the surface during the cold period.
  • Integrated gasket (option): prevention of inflow into the sewer system and containment of the odors from a sewer.
  • Simple combination with paving slabs.
  • Lightweight: easy to handle, no risk of worker injuries in comparison with cast iron or concrete covers.
  • Durable: no corrosion or rust.
  • Easy opening: no special tools.
  • Plastic material eliminates manhole lid theft.


ISO 15398

International standart

The first cover in Lithuania manufactured and tested according to requirements of the latest international standard ISO 15398:2012.

3.5 tonos apkrovas išlaiko


Areas used by pedestrians, pedal cyclists, and light vehicles on private household driveways (not part of the public highway).

atsparus žemai temperatūrai

Test In Low temperature

The cover has successfully passed the low-temperature impact test therefore it can be employed in regions of colder climate.

TUV sertifikatas


The product is certified by the international certification company TÜV-Süd. Stiffness is verified by the load and impact tests.

atsparus UV spinduliavimui


Special UV-resistant raw material enables the application of the cover in regions with higher UV radiation.

gali būti perdirbamas


The polyethylene used as raw material for manufacturing can be easily recycled and reused reducing waste and environmental impact.

Technical specification

Standard: ISO 15398:2012
Clear opening: DN 600 mm
Weight: 13 kg (only cover 8,5 kg).
Material: Polyethylene.
Color: Black, UV-resistant.
Load class: A35 (3,5 tons).
Locks: 2 pcs made of stainless steel.
Testing:Load and Permanent Test according to EN 124; Cold Climate Impact Test according to ISO 15398.