Fans and accessories

Combifab is a flexible fan for dust extraction systems in many industries. The fan is suitable for use in positive or negative pressure systems. The fans can provide the air flows up to 90.000 m3/hr and pressure up to 10.000 Pa. Available as ATEX certidied fans for explosive dusts and gases. Combifab is ensuring low energy consumption and high efficiency – up to 85 %.
Manufacturing experience combined with uncompromising material selection ensures that you will get very reliable fan - this is confirmed by millions of hours of operation extremely difficult conditions.

Rotary valves
The NRS type rotary valves are used to transfer a powdery material between two separate systems. In dust extraction or pneumatic conveying systems discharge is usually required from the filter or cyclone to the silo, at atmospheric pressure.

Extraction Arms
Extraction arms are easy adjustable, simple to position and compact. All extraction arms are highly flexible, and simple to position, extend and retract. Different attachments are available for wall, ceiling or extension bracket mounting as well as a number of accessories, including hoods and dampers to improve efficiency. The arms are connected to a vacuum and filter system removing the contaminants from the extracted air so that it can be returned to the atmosphere or recycled without negative effects.

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