Exhibition of Water Management in Sweden

UAB Eneka presented its products for the third time at the VI-mässan water industry exhibition, which was held on September 26-29 in Sweden, in Jonchioping. Since 1997, this exhibition is the most important event in the field of water management in the Scandinavian region.

We have been supplying our products to the Swedish market for several years. It is always pleasant to communicate with clients face to face, listen to their needs and present their latest products. This time our novelties deserve a lot of attention - SEPKO oil separators with a bypass pipeline, which at the same efficiency of separation of oil products washed off at the beginning of the rain, ensures the passage of the main part of the pure water flow past the oil separator. Not gone unnoticed and improved grease separator GREASLY, which provides the possibility of emptying and cleaning the container without opening the lid. This function is very much in demand in cases where the spread of bad odors is unacceptable, for example, in objects where the grease separator is located in a room (eg in a cellar or directly in the kitchen).

We are glad to see the growing confidence of Swedish customers in our development, so we strive to keep up with the development and constantly update our products.

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VA-mässan is the most important event in the field of water management in Scandinavia. This exhibition was held on September 25-27 in Sweden, in Jönköping.
Long awaited manhole covers are made of cast iron. They are leakproof, weatherproof and durable.
UAB Eneka pristato naująjį antžeminį riebalų skirtuvą Greasly-A, skirtą naudoti patalpose!