Septic with infiltration SNIGO SEP

Snigo-Sep septic tank with infiltration into the soil

Highway construction of new homes tend to have the most modern equipment providing complete comfort to their residents. By providing housing, care must be taken and reliable sewage disposal and treatment system. This is not an easy task, especially in a chalet-type house. 
One of the possible solutions of this task-a septic tank to purify water infiltration into the soil. Here sewerage septic tank begins and ends with underground infiltration into the soil units.

Principle of operation
Initially, pre-composted sewage septic tank – a plastic container, partitions subdivided into two parts.  Then drains enterthe septic tank the flow rate decreases and resolves the effluent fractions. In the upper water layer accumulate grease and lighter than water material. Contaminants with a weight greater than that of water, settles to the bottom and form a layer of sediment rotting. Purified effluent from the septic tank effluent – is the clarified liquid with a clean-up level is about 70%. When selecting the size of the septic tank estimated that the water in it will spend at least 3 days. 
Further sewerage going underground infiltration devices, which consist of special tunnels and natural sorbents (crushed stone, gravel, sand and other soil types) filters. Waste water pass through these filters, which contain sorbents absorb the remaining contaminants. 

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