Grease separator

Typical application of a grease separator is treatment of wastewater containing fat and grease from hotels, restaurants, cafeterias and other catering or food processing operations. GREASLY will, by the removal of fat and grease, greatly reduce incidents of blocked drains and prevent contamination of sewage treatment plants.

ENEKA offers above ground Greasly-A and underground Greasly-B grease separator models. Greasly separators were developed to comply with EN 1825 and DIN4040-100 standards. Rotomoulded tanks made of polyethylene material are durable, corrosion-proof and chemically resistant, light and easy to transport.

Greasly is ensuring the residual grease content less than 25 mg/l in the effluent wastewater. Performance of separators was practically tested (at Danish Technological Institute and Kaunas University Of Technology). The conformity to European standard EN 1825 is signified by the CE mark.

  Grease separators Greasly

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