Polyethylene tanks

Modular polyethylene tanks SNIGO 

SNIGO underground polyethylene tank is a perfect solution for many applications: domestic wastewater storage and treatment, rainwater harvesting etc. Standard cylindrical modules are connected to get the required size of the tank. The tank volumes from 1.000 to 50.000 liters are manufactured to suit to the customer needs. SNIGO tanks can also be supplied with the integrated baffles. To facilitate the installation the inlet and outlet pipes can be connected from the end or from the top.

SNIGO tanks are manufactured from polyethylene by modern process of rotational moulding. The automatic production method ensures the perfect stability and allows to avoid manufacturing failures caused by human factor. All finished products are made with the highest accuracy. Polyethylene used for the production can be easily recycled reducing the waste and environmental impact.


Polyethylene tanks SNIGO  Polyethylene tanks SNIGO

SNIGO_large capacity tanks_ENG   SNIGO_large capacity tanks_ENG

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