Wastewater treatment plant Puroo

PUROO is simple:

- Only one air lift pump – through this less components have to be installed.
- Only one air hose – the laying of lines between control unit/blower and the plant has been simplified.
- No solenoid valve but rather a robust, ATB own developed ball valve float controls the air flow directly without electrical energy – purely physically.
- The sampling facility is already integrated.
PUROO is economic:
- The service life of the blower is high. As the water is transported once only, the blower as a result runs less.
- The power consumption per inhabitant and year is approximately 41 kWh/PT x a.
PUROO is clean:
- Whether with severe underloading or with inflow peaks: PUROO simply adjusts itself to the situation.
- The efficiency referred to BOD5 is 97,9 % and referred to COD 95,1 % (in accordance with testing according to DIN EN 12566-3, PIA, Aachen).
PUROO is secure:
- No fault-prone solenoid valves, no pumps in the wastewater.
- PUROO has also gone through additional overload and underload situations on an accredited test facility.


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