Paskelbta: 2018.10.03
VA-mässan is the most important event in the field of water management in Scandinavia. This exhibition was held on September 25-27 in Sweden, in Jönköping.
Paskelbta: 2018.09.27
Long awaited manhole covers are made of cast iron. They are leakproof, weatherproof and durable.
Paskelbta: 2018.07.31
UAB Eneka pristato naująjį antžeminį riebalų skirtuvą Greasly-A, skirtą naudoti patalpose!
Paskelbta: 2018.04.04
Parodos metu pristatėme naujos kartos naftos skirtuvą „ Sepko – HD”, kurio veikimas paremtas hidrodinaminio efekto principu.
Paskelbta: 2017.12.22
We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Paskelbta: 2017.02.13
UAB Eneka presented its products for the third time at the VI-mässan water industry exhibition, which was held on September 26-29 in Sweden, in Jonchioping.
Paskelbta: 2017.02.13
Years of experience, customer confidence, export growth and increasing number of orders have been the reason to take a step forward and expand our production facilities.
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