Paskelbta: 2018.04.04
Parodos metu pristatėme naujos kartos naftos skirtuvą „ Sepko – HD”, kurio veikimas paremtas hidrodinaminio efekto principu.
Paskelbta: 2017.12.22
We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Paskelbta: 2017.07.21
The recent rain storms in Lithuania have left the country hundreds and thousands of euros in debt and have also caused many questions about what could be the main cause of this.
Paskelbta: 2017.02.13
UAB Eneka presented its products for the third time at the VI-mässan water industry exhibition, which was held on September 26-29 in Sweden, in Jonchioping.
Paskelbta: 2017.02.13
Years of experience, customer confidence, export growth and increasing number of orders have been the reason to take a step forward and expand our production facilities.
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