SNIGO underground polyethylene tank is a perfect solution for many applications: domestic wastewater treatment, rainwater harvesting etc. Standart cylindrical modules are connected to get the required size of the tank. The tank volumes from 1000 to 12000 litres are manufactured to suit the customers’ needs. Polyethylene SNIGO tanks can also be supplied with the integrated baffles. To facilitate the installation the inlet and outlet pipes can be connected from the end or from the top.

  • Stiffness guaranteed. Polyethylene SNIGO tanks provide a perfect load-bearing capacity by keeping the low weight of the product. The great stiffness of the tank is achieved thanks to advanced design and structure of the ribs.
  • Design inspired by nature. The shape of a snowflake reflected in the tank’s design is not only very elegant but also providing great resistance to the external loads.
  • Watertight to the ground surface.  The seals ensure that no liquid droplet will penetrate into the tank or from the tank.
  • Telescopic shaft. It designed to adjust the manhole cove flush with the ground surface.
  • Integrated ladder ensuring easy and safe access into the manhole.



Advanced production method

SNIGO modular polyethylene containers are made of polyethylene by the most modern rotational molding method. This automatic method of forming plastic products avoids production defects due to the human factor and also ensures constant product dimensions. The polyethylene used in the manufacture of containers can be recycled and reused, thus reducing waste and protecting the environment.

Unmatched versatility

SNIGO modular polyethylene tanks are a great solution for various applications: domestic wastewater treatment or storage, rainwater storage, etc. The desired tank volume is obtained by combining the required number of standard cylinder modules. Depending on the customer’s needs, the tanks are supplied in volumes from 1,000 to 12,000 litres.

SNIGO can also be produced with integrated partitions. For customer convenience, the inlet and outlet nozzles can be connected from both the rear and top.

rotacinis liejimas
polietileno talpyklos dizainas įkvėptas gamtos

Design inspired by nature

SNIGO has an exceptional design created by internationally recognized British specialists. During the design, efforts were made to use natural forms found in nature. The contours of the snowflake, which are reflected in the construction of the tank, are characterized not only by a special grace but also by excellent resistance to external loads.

Integrated adhesives

SNIGO service shaft is supplied with integrated adhesives. The stickers ensure safe access for the service personnel to the tank.

integruota lipynė polietileno talpykloje
polietileno talpyklos tvirtumas

Guaranteed strength

SNIGO polyethylene containers are resistant to external loads while maintaining the low weight of the product. The strength is ensured by the reliable construction of the container and the arrangement of the stiffening edges. The constant quality of the products is maintained due to the automatic production method. SNIGO is calculated to withstand high ground or high groundwater loads without any noticeable deformations.

teleskopinė šachta polietileno talpyklos

Telescopic shaft

The telescopic shaft is designed for precise adjustment of the height of the tank lid to the ground surface. The adjustment ensures that the cover does not become an obstacle when mowing the lawn or laying a hard surface. The height of the shaft is adjustable in a range of 200 mm. The shaft is designed for connection to conventional polyethylene or cast iron covers for load classes A15 to D400 according to EN 124.

polietileno talpykloje integruotos lipynės

Sealed to the ground

SNIGO polyethylene containers are equipped with two special gaskets. The first gasket is between the tank body and the service shaft, and the second is between the shaft and the telescopic collar. The gaskets ensure tightness and guarantee that no liquid will penetrate from the tank to the ground or from the outside to the tank.

SNIGO tank models

polietileno talpykla 1000
SNIGO 1000
Capacity1000 liters
Weight110 kg
SNIGO 1600 tanks model
SNIGO 1600
Capacity1600 liters
Weight130 kg
SNIGO 2200 tanks model
SNIGO 2200
Capacity2200 liters
Weight150 kg
polietileno talpykla
SNIGO 3200
Capacity3200 liters
Weight190 kg
SNIGO 12000 tanks
SNIGO 1200
Capacity1200 liters
Weight480 kg
SNIGO 6600 tanks
SNIGO 4600
Capacity4600 liters
Weight230 kg
SNIGO 10000 tanks
SNIGO 1000
Capacity1000 liters
Weight410 kg
SNIGO 3200 tanks model
SNIGO 6600
Capacity6600 liters
Weight290 kg
SNIGO 8700 tanks
SNIGO 8700
Capacity8700 liters
Weight370 kg


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