Rotational molding

Rotational molding - automatic manufacturing of hollow plastic products 

Rotational molding is an automatic method for manufacturing hollow plastic products. It is best known for the manufacture of tanks, but many designers all over the world are employing the technology to make many different types of plastic parts. Nowadays rotationally molded parts are used in practically every market sector where plastics parts are found. All products made from plastics have many advanced features, therefore they are more and more often replacing other materials, as metal and concrete. Products from plastics are light and corrosion resistant. Moreover, the products can be molded in unlimited variety of shapes and colors thus offering exciting opportunities to designers and end-users. Rotomolded products provide perfect stiffness and resistance against heavy mechanical loads due to advanced design and structure of the ribs. Consistent quality of the products is ensured by the automatic manufacturing method. Some of the market sectors we service include underground and aboveground tanks for sewage treatment and rainwater harvesting, agricultural and garden equipment, pontoons, furniture and materials handling articles.

Rotation molding  Rotation molding

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