Moments from the exhibition “Ką pasėsi 2018”.


During the exhibition we presented our new Oil Separator “Sepko – HD”, which operation based on the original hydrodynamic principle. Oil Separator structure does not consist of coalescing material, therefore does not contain any clogged elements. This technique allows to minimize operating cost and simplify service. The efficiency of water treatment in the Oil Separator “Sepko – HD” meets with EN858-1 ES standard.

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VA-mässan is the most important event in the field of water management in Scandinavia. This exhibition was held on September 25-27 in Sweden, in Jönköping.
Long awaited manhole covers are made of cast iron. They are leakproof, weatherproof and durable.
UAB Eneka pristato naująjį antžeminį riebalų skirtuvą Greasly-A, skirtą naudoti patalpose!